We have a wide range experience in food product development and formulation. Our consultant has over 20 years experience in production, quality control and product development for canned and frozen seafood. Developed products are process and distributed all over the world, such as canned crabmeat, shrimp, sardine, snail, squid, lobster, various pet food products –etc-

  If you are a factory with all the feasibility to process canned product, why don’t try our food formulation development to process a wider range of your products.   If you are a food broker, with a known product market, trying to find a formula for processors to produce such products. Leave it to us, we can make an identical sample together with the formula and material cost breakdown for your purpose.

Our report on this service will include:
Production flow chart
 QC. Point in production/ QC. For finished products
Filling weight (to obtain a correct DW.)
Report time per can size (to obtain commercially sterilization)


  Contact us directly, initial consultations are free.
Once an agreement reached, we will prepare a proposal and
expenses for you to make decision.
All discussion, information, product formula, will be treated as
“strictly” confidential.


Contact person: Mrs. Yupin Srethabhakdi

Tel: (02) 954-3492-3 Fax.: (02) 589-9211