Our company advisor is an expert in quality system (ISO / IEC 17025 / HACCP) with 25 years experience in food quality control. You can contact for advice in quality system in your plant. Just simply contact us and inform us about your question point. We will serve you a suitable advice and reasonable expenses upon your agreement.   Our refrigerator designer has over 15 years refrigeration field. He can recommend in your cooling system. Just simply contact directly.
Mr. Wichest Prasertpakdee Tel. 954-3492 up to 3 / mobile phone (01) 642-1125 / fax. 589-9211.


Mrs. Yupin Srethabhakdi (B.Sc. Food Tech) Managing Director 20 years experience in QC. and Product Development for Canned and Frozen Seafood.
(direct line: 722-3373 / fax. 722-1046 press 0 )

Mr. Wichest Prasertpakdee (Mech. Eng) General Manager 15 years experience in refrigeration field.
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(direct line: (01) 642-1125, 9543492 up to 3)

Mrs. Sumalee Tangpittayakul (M.Sc. Food Tech)  Company Advisor 25 years experience in food quality control, expert in quality system (ISO / IEC 17025 / HACCP) Pesent: Head of Food Technology group, Biological Science Division, Department of Science and Service, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. 
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